Partitions / Establishment works

There are many technical and aesthetic solutions for an efficient and representative partitioning. From simple aestheticization of space to screed molding complex works, creating channels for cables, modular false ceilings or plasterboard, our company offers the solutions you need. Using solutions manufactured by a variety of producers of systems, we can perform, depending on your needs advanced planning and partitioning solutions:

  • Plasterboard walls, simple or on metal profile, tapestried, painted, plated, etc.
  • Opaque partitions, laminated system registers
  • Simple Glass Partitions
  • Double Glass Partitions
  • Movable glass / melamine Walls
  • Fire Resistant Systems
  • System Partitions with embedded storage objects
  • Hinged, sliding or pivoting doors

And of course, a wide range of aesthetic accessory, from blinds, applying decorative sheet to glass or other plating materials..