Industrial carpets

Ergonomic and anti-fatigue flooring are scientifically created to help those who work standing in avoiding the risk of musculoskeletal affections and in the circulatory system minimizing also considerably fatigue which they feel following the prolonged work on hard floors.

User shock absorption and energy conservation - ergonomic carpets are designed to provide the optimal balance between compression and strength. Like a car suspension, ergonomic carpet will absorb and disperse the shock, while providing user support needed for stability.

Through exterior surface structure, ergonomic carpets will prevent in majority of cases, the risks of slipping and injuries and by their thickness will prevent breakage brittle objects that are dropped accidentally.

From medical and pharmaceutical industry to multiple applications in the industrial sector, ergonomic and anti-fatigue carpets will help you increase productivity, motivation and workforce efficiency, while avoiding the risk of occupational diseases associated with orthostatic position.

More information on industrial ergonomic mats is available at covoare ergonomice industriale.